Our Service

In daily operation, Wafer Baking Installations have to bear high loads
and difficult temperature conditions. 
Reliability is an important factor for our customers’ success.

The integration of numerous mechanical components assures permanent operability even under adverse conditions and reduces maintenance intervals to a minimum



All machines are being designed customized and are thus adapted to the requirements of our customers in an optimal way.



During the development and construction of the machines, particular attention is paid to prime quality and safety of the built-in parts.



Wie deliver and install our machines worldwide for our clients with full support by our experienced service team.

Our competence

Take advantage of our many years of experience that ensure a high quality standard and customised solutions which fit your needs best.

Our partner

The two companies WALTERWERK KIEL GMBH & CO. KG and GROSSMANN MASCHINENBAU GMBH have formed the WG Alliance.


Company WALTERWERK KIEL GMBH & CO. KG is known as the internationally leading supplier of industrial baking ovens for sugar cones, sugar wafers, Monaka and snacks.

The aim of that alliance is to apply the performance potential of the two German manufacturers of special machinery for the higher benefit of their customers worldwide.

In that way the mutual know-how and experience can optimally be interchanged and used to the advantage of the customers.