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Great technical competence

Great professional and technical competence, in conjunction with many years of experience, has made GROSSMANN one of the leading manufacturers.

Exporting Worldwide

GROSSMANN Wafer Baking Installations are operated in more than 30 regions worldwide and are offered by many representations on-site.



Tradition and Quality

With high flexibilty and absolute quality considerations GROSSMANN has been supplying Wafer Baking Installations to customers for more than 60 years.


GROSSMANN Machines. Great Wafer Products.

The history of the company GROSSMANN started more than 60 years ago with the foundation of the company by Hubert Großmann. Read more about it.

Our company

Great Quality 



Wafer Baking Installations have to bear high loads and difficult temperature conditions. All machines are being designed customized and are thus adapted to the requirements of our customers in an optimal way.

Our machines