SW-A – Ice cream cones

Standard model:

  • Number of baking plates: 24 or 30 pairs
  • Baking plate size: 215 mm in diameter max.
  • Max. dimensions of cones: length 195 mm, top diameter 95 mm
  • Engraving: at customer’s option
  • Output: approx. 1,200 up to 1,500 pieces per hour

All GROSSMANN machines are adapted to individual customer requests, additional versions apart from the standard model are possible.


Wafer product: 

Ice-cream cones are the most beautiful packing for a delicious scoop of ice-cream in summer.

Our ice-cream cones are rolled by means of a special technique to give them a nearly hand-rolled look. Different designs with various sizes and angles are feasible. In Southern Europe, ice-cream cones with folded rim are especially popular as the folded rim makes them extremely sturdy.